Artist’s Statement

Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.Dorothea Lange 1895-1965

Photography has shown me a new view of our world. Through the lens of my camera I have been able to see beauty that went unnoticed in my past day to day experiences. I have learned that the intricate patterns in the feathers of a wingspan, the iridescent colors that bounce off a beak when the light hits just so, and the warm hues of yellow and orange that the sun casts on its subjects, can only be seen when one pauses long enough to look.

Photography has taught me that light and shadows create wonder in a scene and that we are the guardians that are responsible to maintain this beauty that surrounds us in our world.

I prefer the reality that exists in nature rather than creating it on my computer. I strive to show images as they appear when the camera captures them so that the moment is reflected as it was at the time the shutter was pressed. I hope those who see my photography will enjoy all the finery of nature that exists when we take the time to slow down to see it.

~ Lynne

Lynne Simons was born in Vancouver, B.C. and has called Denver, San Francisco, and now Bellevue, Washington, home.